How to Fix Windows Error Code 800A01AD

Windows error code 800A01AD can be shortened in only two words: driver problem. It is unknown device code. This error code 800A01AD is an explicit to the windows device manger and is a clear indicator that there are errors with the driver to the wrong device.

The windows error code 800A01AD is generally generated due to errors reported by the driver itself meaning that this error is a software problem or compatibility issues between the hardware installed and the system being used. And it is very common and it is occurs when the operating system and the drivers installed are not companionable with each other. This windows error prompts on your PC screen with some error message in the dialog box. They are:

"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 800A01AD)"

Above error are appears on your system when windows first boots and will stop various application form running as well as preventing your computer from being able to run as smoothly as it should. And also when you are trying to play or use programs that is graphics intensive or when you are trying to connect a USB device to your computer and you keep getting an error 800A01AD.

After then the operating system and the hardware installed on the system are not able to communicate and the process has to be terminated, and this windows error code common in windows operating system such as windows xp, vista and windows 7 and hardware is damaged.

Unknown device code problem can appear so unexpectedly, or they are due to many causes such as outdated or old device drivers, corrupt or damaged device drivers, wrong entries in registry, virus attacks, malware or spyware infectious, driver is not installed, a previous attempt to update the driver failed, the device is damaged, the device is not plugged in correctly or all the way and driver is missing.

The windows error code 800A01AD is nearly always caused by driver problems and sometime due to you can bypass the error temporarily such as removing the device from the motherboard and reseating it, restarting your PC and removing the power cord from the power supply. Solution for fixing windows unknown error code 800A01AD or messages:

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Some manual ways to solve or fix this error code are, but this method is only for computer expert users not for novice:

  • Uninstall the current driver, through this given steps:
  1. Open Start and Run and type “sysdm.cpl” in the text box.
  2. And click Enter.
  3. Open the "hardware" tab on the system properties dialog box.
  4. Then press on “device manager”.
  5. Double press on “device type” and then press on the hard ware device that is reporting error code 800A01AD.
  6. Go to the “driver” tab and press on “uninstall” button to uninstall the device driver completely.

  • Install the new driver on your computer.
  • Restart or reboot your computer.
  • Whole scan your PC with good antivirus software.
  • Try using a different USB ports.

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